GAEAU develops industrial solutions to reconcile the preservation of nature and human activities :

Every year, across the planet, hundreds of thousands of hectares are taken by man from Nature. 

If economic expansion is inevitable, and even desirable for the well-being of all, preserving our environment is a top priority. 



Planisphere GAEAU



From collection to pumping or storage of water, from the regulation of effluents to their pre-treatment, our solutions are essential for the valorisation of rainwater and the retention of pollutants, with the aim of protecting our environment.



GAEAU gathers 3 subsidiaries specializing in steels and plastics industry, which have been providing high water management solutions for more than 20 years.

Our products are distributed in Europe and Maghreb, and we export our solutions worldwide.



45 000

Products sold per year

More than 150 


12 000 m2

Of premises


European subsidiaries

4 000

Customized plans
per year